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A quick history
OTT is a medicine and therapy centre that specialises in the traditional Chinese practice of tit tar or bone and joint setting. Established in 2000, OTT currently has three treatment centres in Seapark, Kepong Baru, and Bangsar.


Although OTT officially opened its doors only five years ago, the centre’s expertise can be traced back to 1972 to the Hapkune-do Gymnasium, a community association for the practice of traditional Chinese art forms. Besides bone and joint setting, Hapkune-do also taught and practiced the Lion Dance as well as several forms of martial arts.

In 2000, Erik and Christopher Leong, sons of Hapkune-do’s founders – Lawrence Leong Swee Lun and Seow Foong Thye – saw that more and more people were seeking Hapkune-do’s particular style of effective tit tar treatment. In response to these growing numbers as well as to reach more people with their expertise, they branched out and established OTT.

Since then, OTT has treated more than 15,000 patients, some who come from as far as Japan, Taiwan and Europe, and is on the panel of physicians for several local sports teams.

Erik remains the principal physician in Malaysia while Chris travels extensively, conducting seminars and treatment courses all over the world.


The best of both worlds
OTT has a unique approach to treatment. In order to raise the efficacy level of its healing, the centre uses modern medical science methods to complement its traditional eastern roots.

Hence, the centre is just as familiar with the use of X-rays and biomechanical theory as it is with herbs, shiatsu (the study of the flow of energy within the body) and the use of the hand as the main diagnostic and therapy tool.

OTT’s physicians undergo years of training and apprenticeship before being considered as qualified to treat. To date, the centre has ten trained tit tar specialists.

OTT has the advantage of years of valuable experience and, together with its focus on providing excellent bone and joint care to everyone and anyone, aims to become ‘the neighbourhood bone and joint setting centre’. Erik and Chris aim to open one outlet a year and envision that soon OTT will be in every major locality around the Klang Valley.

Erik Leong Yann Khuan: a quick profile
Erik is the principle physician of Oriental Tit Tar. His education into the art of tit tar began informally at an early age as he watched and assisted his parents in treating patients at the Hapkune-do Gymnasium.

In 1985, Erik continued his education under the tutelage of Master Tan Pak, a military red army doctor who specialises in the field of traditional bone and joint setting.

Subsequently, after 11 years of honing his tit tar methods at Hapkune-do, Erik went on to further strengthen this foundation at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia, in the study of biomechanics and human movement.

With more than 17 years of experience, Erik today uses a combination of modern human science theory and traditional eastern techniques to give his patients the highest in treatment quality.


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